It’s the Festive Season, and On Tap is the place to get Merry!
We’ll be offering our famous Christmas Dinner on:

Saturday December 22nd
Sunday December 23rd
Monday December 24th
Tuesday December 25th

For $700 you get:
– Soup of the Day
– Roast Turkey Dinner (including Roast Potatoes, Pigs-in-Blankets, Stuffing, Carrots, Brussels, Broccoli, Bread Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy)
– Home-Made Mince Pies or Fruit Cobbler
– Glass of Wine or Beer

BOOK NOW! (ontaptaipei@gmail.com or 02 2741-5365-after 5pm)

We’ll also be available for Christmas Party reservations over all of December, and can provide Turkey Dinners for this. Again, please get reservations in early!

What else? To get the Festive Party going, we’ll be offering Hot Mulled Wine, Eggnog & Homemade Baileys Shots throughout December.

歡慶佳節12月, 就讓On Tap陪你一起快樂渡過!
On Tap將於下列數日提供你著名的傳統英式聖誔餐:
12月22日/星期六/ 6PM~10PM供應
12月23日/星期日/ 6PM~10PM供應
12月24日/星期一/ 6PM~10PM供應
12月25日/星期二/ 6PM~10PM供應
三道式餐點每人$700 (不含10%服務費) : 湯, 烤火雞全餐 (包含烤馬玲薯, 培根香腸捲, 火雞饀料, 蔬菜 , 麵包醬, 自製蔓越莓醬, 肉汁醬), 甜點: 英式百果饀餅 或 美式烤水果饀餅(2選1) , 紅白酒/啤酒.(一杯)
現在就先上網預訂吧! (ontaptaipei@gmail.com 或每日5pm後來電 02-2741-5365 )
12月份亦可接受聖誔派對訂位 , 亦可依需求安排火雞餐, 訂位請早, 以免向隅!

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