Join the Train Track Challenge

The Train Track Challenge: The Ultimate Booze Endurance Test!
Drink your way through the selection of draft & bottled beers & ciders, cocktails, shots & bombs & achieve Alcoholic Immortality! Upon completion, Station Master will receive a unique t-shirt, a golden plaque on the On Tap Drinking Legends board and most probably, an almighty hangover!
There are currently 148 different Station Masters, with Eugene Callegari leading the way with 6 tours-of-duty!
Pick up a card at the bar & set off down the tracks to drunken oblivion!

Andy Rogers, Jason Lowe, Chris “Mad Dog” Pohlman, Casper Nielsen, Christoph Stoeckl, Fireman Double Dutch, Milo Carmoody, Paul Rayner, Karen Rayner, Alex Moga, The Lovely Meredith, Eric Diaz, Dustin Hackleman, David Vuong, Angela Gillham, Dustin Hackleman (again!), Nicolas “Han Solo” Selby, Christopher “CK1” Koury, David George, Justin “Waldo Jager” Hinerman, Dom Wells, Dustin “Hat-rick” Hackleman, Karsten “Viking” Tonnesen, David Tunge Lem, Prince Quan Phan I, King Hackleman IV, Laurent Napoleon I (Le Frog), Brett “Blaze”, Ted Kirby, Graham “New Year Maker” Harvey, William “The Train” Thompson, 宋振凱 (John Sung), Jimmy The Track Suit Man, Ian Harris, Jerry “Super-Cock” 莊, Corrine Chang, Goodwin, King Quan Phan II, Philip Chan, Veronic Lee, Emperor Quan Phan III, Nicolas Selby II, Phillip Mellon, Quan “Nothing Else To Do” Phan, Kyle Y. Flanigan, Ser Jaecen of Loweshire, Brad “Our Little Willy” Thompson, William “The Train” Thompson II, King Ed, Dave Won, William “The Train” Thompson III, Alexander Xavier Hart, John “The Badger” Sung II, Brad “Our Little Willy” Thompson II, William “The Train” Thompson IV, Andy “Bull Crap!” Remedies, Guillaume “Gollum” Hay-Sabourin, Eric the Dragonslayer, King Ed II, Senor Ramirez, Ben “Spider Monkey” Clark, Todd “Woo Woo” Bachman, Jonathan “T-Shirt” Tschirhart, Ben “Spider Monkey” Clark II, Austin “No-Neck, Vest-Sporting Hunk” Zajack, Stella “Call Me Princess!” Chiu, Ryan “Ass Fiend” Gillespie, Marc “Chucky” Checknita, Nicholas “Vernon” Kembel, Lord James “The Savage” Popovici, Kyle of the House Todesca First of His Name, Steve “Crazy Canuck” Underwood, Chester the Molester, Walter Wu Manchu, Dan the Docker, 陳孜彧, Abi “Dum Dum” Chiu, Jonathan Martin Mauti, Heath “Dangerzone” Groom, Reece “Whisky Tango” Wheat, Chancy “The Chancellor” Cooke, Angela “Didn’t Throw Up This Time!” Gillham, Ryan “Big Dick” Crumpton, “Rich”, Stan “Julius Caesar” Loh, Sir Scooby “The Hammered” Stewart, Lord Morris of Canadia, Kevin “Herp n Derp” Chen, Matt “Bigger than Ryan” Werner, David Joseph “I really am the IV” Gavin, Valarie Garlick, Jim “LUFC 1972-Harvey-Reaney-Madeley-Bremner-Charlton-Hunter-Lorimer-Clarke-Jones-Gray-Bates” Idle, Corey “HUH” Mermis, Keith “Shit List” Messershmidt, Duke Andy of Yangshire, Marion “The Professor” Whatley, Dan “Shiroi Kabocha” Nagati, Alejandro “El Picador” Canela, Benjamin “Cock Ring” Ramirez, Spunk Bubble CH3, Jono “Ouch, ouch you’re on my hair” Frosch, Matthew “Mr Mashu” Case, Lom Tastic Seunbane, Candeezzy Henry, Mike Hamilton, Octavio Arreola Corral de Alvarez, Marion “It’ll be over soon” Whatley, John “Spud” McNeely, Ryan “Ganninian? Dui” Duquette, Angela “P-Sixteen” Smith, Amanda “Look Mom, no hands” Talbott, Bill “I didn’t know she was 15” Self, Constance “Sugar & Spice” Chen, Krash “Rob Prentiss” Fistfight, Jim “Spam, Egg & Chips” Idle, Kurt “Kid Finn” Reinkemeyer, Dallas Christopher Stevens, Levi “Beercules” Smith, Christopher “Noble Dragon” Lee, The Danimal, Slick Rick Savona, Amanda Isabela Huang, Paola “Pappu” Pittoni, Joshua “Iron Liver” Trapman, Drewfus, Professor Glenn McPhillips 2nd Earl of Ipswich, Luis !Viva Tijuana! Mexico, Manuel “Fearless” Sieber, Mike Stacey, Randy uhh Lahey, DICK, Nikolaj Horsevad Sorensen, Joshua “Stick the Landing” Trapman, Tina “Ting Ting” Lee, Katy “Just Katy” Herman, Nate “Evan is a Dick” Eyestone, Mitch “The Koala” Chvala, Joans “She’s Gone!”, Jesse “Give me my shirt” Johnson, Kentucky Boy, Ameha “The Abyssinian”, Harold “The Bravo Ragazzo” Wynkoop, Cracky McFucko, Gary Boyce – Legend, AUCK #7 SECURITY ’15, Eugene “The Wakeboard Machine” Callegari, Big Dick Carl,, Neil Mackay of the Clan Mackay Manu Forti Jean Cheated, Good Lookin’ Don, Jim “I didn’t puke” Taylor, Charles “Dubecube” “Nemo” DuBrille, Big Primo Texas Boy, Junior Assistant Deputy TD Tyler, Ku-Jei “The Boilermaker” King, Cinnamon “A UEFI Engineer at HPE” Shia, Master Mark Auzenne, Eugene “The King misses the Queen” Callegari, Sean “Ji Xiang” Mosconi, Darth Vader Chang, Ron “Mr. Morris” Morris, Renba Eht Retsam, Angel Kao “The Devil Angel”, Chris “Big Thought” Verne, Yasushi “I am Walker” Abe, “The Real” Michael Owen, Eugene “雷哥 out, 3 is enough” Callegari, Yuichi Beer Daisuki Imokawa, Eugene “with my best walkout buddy, Harold” Callegari, Tracy Yu Shan Chen, Eugene “She loves me, she loves me not” Callegari, David “The Goat” Carney, I’m with Stupid–>, <--I'm with Stupid, Eugene "The Legend" Callegari, Angel 牛妞 CEO & Dive Master

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