EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021 – June 11th to July 11th

After a delay of a year, the European Championships finally get underway this June. A feast of football lasting for a whole month!
The group games will be played June 11th to 23rd, and we’ll be staying open for every game live on our multiple tvs, including 2 giant projector screens.
Please email to reserve seats/tables.

Friday 11 June
3am (Sat morn): Turkey vs Italy
Saturday 12 June
9pm: Wales vs Switzerland
12am (Sun morn): Denmark vs Finland
3am (Sun morn): Belgium vs Russia
Sunday 13 June
9pm: England vs Croatia
12am (Mon morn): Austria vs North Macedonia
3am (Mon morn): Netherlands vs Ukraine
Monday 14 June
9pm: Scotland vs Czech Republic
12am (Tue morn): Poland vs Slovakia
3am (Tue morn): Spain vs Sweden
Tuesday 15 June
12am (Wed morn): Hungary vs Portugal
3am (Wed morn): France vs Germany
Wednesday 16 June
9pm: Finland vs Russia
12am (Thu morn): Turkey vs Wales
3am (Thu morn): Italy vs Switzerland
Thursday 17 June
9pm: Ukraine vs North Macedonia
12am (Fri morn): Denmark vs Belgium
3am (Fri morn): Netherlands vs Austria
Friday 18 June
9pm: Sweden vs Slovakia
12am (Sat morn): Croatia vs Czech Republic
3am (Sat morn): England vs Scotland
Saturday 19 June
9pm: Hungary vs France
12am (Sun morn): Portugal vs Germany
3am (Sun morn): Spain vs Poland
Sunday 20 June
12am (Mon morn): Italy vs Wales
12am (Mon morn): Switzerland vs Turkey
Monday 21 June
12am (Tue morn): North Macedonia vs Netherlands
12am (Tue morn): Ukraine vs Austria
3am (Tue morn): Russia vs Denmark
3am (Tue morn): Finland vs Belgium
Tuesday 22 June
3am (Wed morn): Czech Republic vs England
3am (Wed morn): Croatia vs Scotland
Wednesday 23 June
12am (Thu morn): Slovakia vs Spain
12am (Thu morn): Sweden vs Poland
3am (Thu morn): Germany vs Hungary
3am (Thu morn): Portugal v France

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